Master of Science (Economics)

The post-graduate program, M.Sc. (Quantitative Economics) started in CSIBER, Kolhapur in 2016-17 to make the student adequately trained in Quantitative and Software skills required for the positions of Analysts.


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The present-day job market provides immense opportunities for Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Research Analysts, Business Analysts, Research Officers, and Statistical data analysts. All these positions are available in Government, Private, Corporate and MNC organisations. These specialised positions require a good knowledge of Statistics, Maths, Economics and Computer Data Analysis Software Packages. Most of the higher education institutions are offering convention post-graduate programs in pure Statistics, Maths or Economics. A combination of all the three disciplines which makes the student more suitable for the emerging employment opportunities does not exit in almost all Universities and Colleges in India. 

In order to fill this gap and make the student adequately trained in Quantitative and Software skills required for the positions of Analysts, the post-graduate program, M.Sc. (Economics) is started in CSIBER, Kolhapur.

The specific objectives of Master’s Degree Program are:

  1. To provide training in Quantitative Techniques for analyzing economic problems.
  2. To train the students in the use of economic software packages
  3. To prepare students for placement as economic analysts in Banks, Financial Institutions and Govt. organizations.
  4. To provide all the skills and knowledge for making the student an applied economist. 



Graduates in B. Com, B.B.A, BCA, BA (Economics), B.Sc. (Physics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science)



Q.1. Is M.Sc,(Economics)degree given by University of CSIBER Institute?
A.1. M.Sc.(Economics) degree is offered by Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Since CSIBER is an Autonomous Institute under Shivaji University, the course is designed by CSIBER and final degree is give by the University.
Q.2. Does M.Sc.(Economics) have approval of Statutory Bodies?
A.2. Yes. The program M.Sc.(Economics) has been started in CSIBER after getting the approvals from Shivaji University, Kolhapur.
Q.3. Is M.Sc.(Economics) under Arts or Science faculty?
A.3. The M.Sc.(Economics) degree is under Faculty of Science of Shivaji University, Kolhapur?
Q.4. Can I appear for NET/SET exam after completing M.Sc.(Economics)?
A.4. Yes. The candidates passing M.Sc.(Economics) or in their final year are eligible to appear for NET/SET in economics.
Q.5. What is the eligibility criteria for taking admission to M.Sc,(Economics) program?
A.5. Graduates in B.Com, BBA, BCA, BA (Economics), B.Sc. (Physics, Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science) are eligible to apply for the program 

Q.6. Are B.E/B.Tech students eligible to apply for the course?
A.6. As on date B.E/B.Tech students are not eligible for this program. But a request letter is already sent to the University to include B.E./B.Tech students who have done a paper in Economics/Maths/Statistics in the eligibility. The response is awaited.
Q.7. What are the job prospects of the M.Sc.(Economics) program?
A.7. The M.Sc.(Economics) program focuses on jobs as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Economic Analyst, Statistical Analyst, Research Officer, Research Analyst and Research Associates.
Q.8. Are there reservations for backward class students in the M.Sc.(Economics) program?
A.8. Yes.Reservation for special categories such as SC, ST, NT, OBC, etc. will be as per the rules of Government of Maharashtra and Shivaji University, Kolhapur
Q.9. Can I apply for Government jobs after completing M.Sc.( Economics)?
A.9. Yes. For all Government Research and Data Analysis positions in IES, ISS, MPSC, Public Sector banks, Universities and Research Institutions, M.Sc.(Economics) students are eligible.




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