Computing facilities:

CSIBER boasts of 8 State-of-the-Art Computer Labs. equipped with 500 plus computers with latest configuration. All Labs. have structured network and feature DLP (projector) to enhance teaching-learning experience.

Our Computer Labs. facilitate learning and are an asset to the Institute as they enable students to complete their projects and research assignments with the using technology. These labs. are used to deliver knowledge and provide ‘hands-on’ exposure to students in courses on MS Office, Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, HR Analytics, Operational Analytics, Financial Analytics, SPSS, Operating Systems, RDBMS, Big Data Analytics, Web designing, R, Python and other programming languages.

The Institute provides 24*7 internet connectivity through a 200 mbps leased line.

The Institute has a data center for centralized data storage (using SAN), backup and recovery, data management and networking. Virtualization, using VMware is implemented for optimal data management in the Institute.


Classrooms at the Institute:

The campus hosts about 30 classrooms/ lecture halls, syndicate room, seminar hall and  Management Lab.

Our institute ensures that all students have access to high quality learning options. As we feel that technology can help us get there faster and bridge the divide that too many students still face, we have equipped all our classrooms with latest audio-visual aids to facilitate teaching-learning. Each classroom has DLP, sound system and interactive panel with robust internet connectivity to provide enriching classroom experience to students.

The use of technology allows educators to reconfigure the traditional classroom and create learning solutions consisting of innovative pedagogies that better serve all students.
Suitable acoustical design has been used in classrooms to enhance speech clarity of both students and faculty and limit background noise. 

Students are doing Practicals in Computer Lab

Students are doing Practicals in Computer Lab

Students are doing Practicals in Computer Lab


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