Career Development Centre


Career Development Centre:

Career development Centre is established at CSIBER to focus on the growth and advancement of the students. We aspire for a prosperous and rewarding career for our students.  With a goal to do so, we work on their Knowledge, skill and attitude. Every aspect of student’s journey from campus to Corporate is contemplated. Our role is to guide students in evaluating and executing their career plans and make them employable. Support is extended to connect to resources, and connect to the world of work, to employers and to the possibility of creating and successfully managing a unique career path.


  1. Exploring career prospects for the students in various emerging businesses and developing entrepreneurs.
  2. Providing experiential learning and enhancing students employability through diversified extension activities
  3. Seeking career employment opportunities by developing valued relationships with premier employers.
  4. Offering summer internship and final placements to the students with esteemed organizations and lucrative pay packages all over the world

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Felicitation of Placed Students by the Director


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