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Environment Care Club Flood Relief Campaign at Prayag Chikhali, Ambewadi, Halondi.

Eco friendly Ganesh Idol making from clay for students of the Institute.

International Conference on "Sustainable Development: Goals for 21st Century"

General awareness Rally about Celebration of Eco friendly Ganesh festival.

Swachhata Abhiyan Programme

Study Tour

Plantation on CSIBER, Campus on the occasion of World Environment Day

Celebration of Ozone Day on the occasion of World Ozone Day at CSIBER.

Industrial & Field Visits

Debate Competition

Online Alumni Meet - MCA 1999 batch

Two-Day Workshop on “GST” for MBA Finance

Two-Day Workshop on “GST” for MBA Finance

Webinar on DevOps


MBA (Banking and Financial Services Specialization)

Career opportunities in BFS sector

Careers in Analytics.

SIP orientation

Facebook Live on Way forward in IT Career: Post COVID-19

PrepBytes: Placement Orientation Program

Developing Skill Matrix for PMS

Digital Literacy Training Programme in Waghapur

Workshop on “Big Data and Hadoop Analytics

FOSSEE Workshop on Introduction to Scientific Computing using Python

Value Added Programs

Programming Skill Development Lab

MSW first year students in Rural Camp

Street Play on Safety during National Industrial Safety Week

Safety Pledge Activity

Distribution of School Kits

AIDS Awareness Rally

World Mental Health Day

Workshop on Research Proposal

Workshop on Recent Trends in Management-Inaugration

One day Workshop on Research Proposal on 8th August 2016

Workshop on Research Proposal held on 29th August 2017

One day workshop on the Teaching Pedagogy

Workshop on Data Visualization and Analytics Using MS EXCEL, SPSS and R

Inaugural address by Chief Guest during Workshop on Research Methodology and Application of Quantitative Techniques

Conference on “Demonetization and Remonetisation – Issues and Challenges on Global Business” held on 4th and 5th August 2017

Empowering Rural Communities: A Four-Day Journey of Social Transformation with CSIBER

Bridging Theory with Practice: CSIBER’s MSW-II students Transformative Industrial Study Tour in Bangalore and Mysore

Bridging Theory with Practice: CSIBER’s MSW-II students Transformative Industrial Study Tour in Bangalore and Mysore

Nurturing Tech Talents: CSIBER's Contribution through MAH MCA CET Workshop

Cultivating Creativity: CSIBER's Code Craft Showcase Unveiling Student Software Projects

Fostering Innovation: CSIBER's Impact through the Innovative Coder Inter-College Programming Competition

Harmonizing Workplace Dynamics: Lessons from CSIBER's HR Conclave on Industrial Relations

Empowering Minds: Exploring Legal Perspectives on Sexual Harassment in the Workplace with CSIBER

Unveiling Manufacturing Excellence: A CSIBER Field Trip Report on Hind Gear Company

CSIBER's Exploration of Medical and Psychiatric Settings: A Transformative Study Tour

Navigating Developmental Realms: CSIBER's MSW IInd Year- B Group Study Tour in Urban and Rural Community Development

Exploring Rural Realities: A Comprehensive Report on CSIBER's Rural Camp 2024

CSIBER's Endeavor: Empowering Rural Communities Through Social Work - A Report on Rural Camp 2024


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