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M.Phil Department was established in 1984. It has since been one of the leading centers for research and teaching in Western Maharashtra. The placid environment and state of the art facilities provide its numerous students with an ideal atmosphere to pursue research in various areas of Commerce and Management, Social Work, Economics, and Sociology. It provides the basic foundation in research techniques and teaching skills to the research scholars who become future academicians and researchers of our country. It has made a significant contribution in various areas of research and teaching and continues to strive for excellence.

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Research is meant for the creation of new knowledge that is helpful to mankind and society. CSIBER Kolhapur offers the infrastructure and expertise which is required for providing the research platform to our researchers.

 All the faculty members possess Ph.D. degrees in different fields of specialization. Faculty members are recognized as research guides for M.Phil and Ph.D. courses. A number of research projects funded by the UGC and other funding agencies have been completed while a number of projects are in progress. The faculty members also conduct FDP and EDP programmes, catering to the needs of the academicians and industry.  

The institute is conscious of the need to promote research. Accordingly, facilities for research leading to M.Phil Degree in areas of Commerce and  Management, Economics, Social Work and Sociology and in

inter-disciplinary areas are provided in the Institute. CSIBER Central Library is one of the knowledge & Information-rich Libraries in Southern Maharashtra. The library has e- resources, various journals/ magazines subscribed.Students and faculty members have access to the e-resources for research. 


The  details of the research guides along with designation and experience is given below : 

Sr. No.

Name of the Faculty






Dr. C. S. Dalvi

B. Tech, MMS, Ph.D.



2 Dr. R. V. Kulkarni M.Sc., Ph.D. Professor 36


Dr. U. M. Deshmukh

M.B.A., Ph.D., FDPM (IIMA)

Chairman, M.Phil Programme 



Dr. D. S. Patil

M.Com., FCA, Ph.D.

Associate Professor



Dr. S. D. Bhoite

MCA, M.Phil, Ph.D.

Associate Professor



Dr. C. S. Kale

B.Tech. MBA, M.Phil, Ph.D., NET, M.Com.(Commn)

Assistant Professor



Dr. A. D. Jadhav

M.Com., M.Phil, MBA, GDC&A, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor




Dr. G. Haresh

M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor



Dr. T. V. G. Sarma

M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D., NET, MBA (Exe) 

Associate Professor




Dr. S. V. Shirol

MA (SW), LL.B. (Spl), PGDGS, Ph.D.

Associate Professor



Dr. K. Pradeepkumar

MA, M.Phil, Ph.D.

Associate Professor



Dr. D. M. Bhosale


Associate Professor



Dr. B. N. Patil

MSW, M.Phil, PGHRD, ADPC, LL.B. (Spl), Ph.D.

Assistant Professor



Dr. S. S. Apate

MSW, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor



Dr. Mrs. S. P. Rajput

MA (SW), DLL, MA(Comm), MBA, B.Ed., PGDEM, ADPC, LL.B, Ph.D.

Associate Professor



Dr.  K. N. Ranbhare

MSW, M.Phil, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor



Dr. D. N. Valvi

MSW, Ph.D., DLL & W

Assistant Professor



 M.Phil. course work shall be a minimum of 08 credits and a maximum of 16 credits.

The course work shall be treated as a prerequisite for M.Phil. programme.

A minimum of four credits shall be assigned to one or more courses on Research Methodology which could cover areas such as quantitative methods, computer applications, research ethics and review of published research in the relevant field, training, fieldwork, etc. Other courses shall be advanced level courses preparing the students for M.Phil. Degree.

All courses prescribed for M.Phil course work shall be in conformity with the credit hour instructional requirement and shall specify content, instructional and assessment methods. They shall be duly approved by the Academic Council of the Institute.

All candidates admitted to the M.Phil. programmes shall be required to complete the course work, as approved by the Academic Council of Institute during the initial one or two semesters.

M.Phil, scholar has to obtain a minimum of 55% of marks or its equivalent grade in  the UGC 7-point scale (or an equivalent grade ICGPA in a point scale wherever grading system is followed) in the course work in order to be eligible to continue in the programme and submit the Dissertation.

The syllabus and other details of course work shall be made available on Institute website

The medium of the course work shall be English.

Commerce and Management (Compulsory papers are of 100 marks each; and  optional paper is of 80 marks)


  1.         Research Methodology, Quantitative Techniques and Computer Application

  2.         Recent Trends in Commerce and Management.

  3.          Optional Paper (  Any One of the following)

  1. Marketing Management

  • Financial Management

  • Personnel Management and Industrial Relations

  • Management of Co-operative Undertakings

  • Industrial Structure of India

  • Indian Economic Environment

  • Applied statistics and Quantitative Techniques

  • Taxation of India

  • Management Accounting

  • Industrial Structure and Policy of India

  • Advanced Cost Accountancy

  • Business Administration

  • Organisation of Trade and Logistic Management

  • Public Finance


B)     Economics (Compulsory papers are of 100 marks each; and optional paper is of 80 marks)


  1. Research Methodology, Quantitative Techniques and Computer Application

  2. Advanced Theories in Economics


  1. Optional Paper (One of the following)

  1. Economics of Agriculture and co-operation

  • International Trade and Finance

  • Economics of Industry and Labor

  • Public Economics

  • Economics of Money Banking and Financial Institutions

  • Demography and Gender Studies

  • Regional Economics

  • Environmental and Resource Economics


C) Social Work (Compulsory papers are of 100 marks each; and optional paper is of 80 marks)


  1. Social Work Research and Quantitative Techniques

  2. Principles and Practice of Social Work

  3. Optional Paper (One of the following)

  1. Human Resource Management

  • Family and Child Welfare

  • Criminology and Correctional Administration

  • Urban and Rural community Development

  • Medical and Psychiatric Social Work.


  1. Seminar Presentation : Every student shall present two seminars. Each seminar will carry 25 marks one on theory related to the M.Phil, paper and one on review of literature on published research in the relevant field.

  2. Submission of Dissertation : 

Dissertation will be evaluated by the guide as an internal referee and by one external referee. It will carry  200 marks.

  1. Open Defense Viva-voce on Dissertation 

The open defense viva-voce will be conducted by a committee consisting of three members, one of whom will be the guide and two members suggested by the Research and Recognition Committee. It will carry 50 marks.

  The Institute shall notify on an annual basis a predetermined and manageable number of M.Phil. scholars to be admitted depending on the vacancies available with Research Supervisors [as prescribed under UGC norms with respect to the Scholar - Research Supervisor ratio] and other academic and physical facilities available,

The Institute, shall publish the Notification for admission to M.Phil well in advance on its website and through advertisement in at least two national newspapers, of which one shall be a Marathi newspaper. The detailed information including the number of seats for admission, subject/discipline-wise distribution of available seats, criteria for admission, procedure for admission, examination centre(s) where entrance test(s) shall be conducted and all other relevant information for the benefit of the candidates, shall be made available on Institute official website (

A candidate seeking admission to the M.Phil Degree shall apply to the Institute in the prescribed application form, on or before the date, as notified by Institute.

For admission to the M.Phil.programme in a related subject of concerned faculty, the applicant shall fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Candidates seeking admission to the M.Phil. programme shall have a Master's degree or a professional degree declared equivalent to the Master's Degree by Institute or by statutory regulatory body, with at least 55% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade 'B' in the UGC 7-point scale (or an equivalent grade in a point scale wherever grading system is followed) or an equivalent degree from a foreign educational institution accredited by an Assessment and Accreditation Agency which is approved, recognized or authorized by an authority, established or incorporated under a law in its home country or any other statutory authority in that country for the purpose of assessing, accrediting or assuring quality and standards of educational institutions.


  1. A relaxation of 5% of marks, from 55% to 50%, or an equivalent relaxation of grade, shall be allowed for those belonging to reserved categories (SC/ST/VJNT/OBC) and/or differently- abled candidates as per policies of the Government prescribed from time to time, for those who had obtained their Master's degree prior to September1991. The eligibility marks of 55% (or an equivalent grade in a point scale wherever grading system is followed) and the relaxation of 5% to the categories mentioned above are permissible based only on the qualifying marks without including the grace mark procedures.


The admission to M.Phil. programme shall be based on the criteria notified by Institute,  keeping in view the guidelines/norms in this regard issued by the University Grants Commission and other statutory bodies concerned, and taking into account the reservation policy of the Central/State Government prescribed from time to time.

All admissions for M.Phil. programmes shall be through a Common Entrance Test and personal interview conducted by Institute. 70%weightage will be given to the written test and 30% to personal interview. The Merit list of M.Phil. shall be prepared as per the eligibility criteria.

Foreign candidates complying the eligibility criteria (for those who have obtained Master's Degree from foreign Universities) are exempted from appearing for entrance test, however, they should appear for interview in person / online.

Candidates appearing for the Post Graduate final year examination may appear for the entrance test. He / She should submit the result of qualifying examination at the time of M.Phil. admission. Failure to which, shall disqualify the concerned candidate from further process.

The fee for Entrance Test will be Rs, 500/- for candidates from General category and Rs 300/- for candidates from Reserve categories.

Employed candidate shall have to submit No Objection Certificate (NOC).

The merit list for the M.Phil. Programme shall be prepared by the Institute, solely on the basis of performance of the candidate in the entrance test and personal interview. However if more than one candidate score equal marks in entrance test then the marks scored at Post Graduate Degree shall be considered to prepare the order of merit.

The merit list of selected candidates and the waiting list (for vacant seats, if any ) in order of merit shall be prepared by the Institute. It will be valid for that particular academic year only.

All admissions shall be processed through the Department Research Committee (DRC).




1.What  is the duration  of the M. Phil Course ?

M.Phil. programme shall be of a minimum duration of two consecutive semesters/ one year and a maximum of four consecutive semesters / two years.


lf the M. Phil Dissertation of the candidate is ready, after the expiry of 2 (Two) years, the candidate may be allowed to submit his/her dissertation by an extension of registration for two years, after paying the prescribed fee. He/she may submit his/her M.Phil dissertation/ Dissertation within two years from the date of extension of registration. lf the candidate fails to submit his/her Dissertation within two years from extension of registration, his/her performance as well as registration will automatically stand cancelled and no separate communication shall be made by the Institute to the respective candidate. 


For extension of registration of M.Phil Programe, the candidate shall apply to the Institute through the Research Guide/ Research Supervisor in the prescribed application form signed by concerned Head of the Department/Director.


The women candidates and persons with disability (more than 40% disability) may be allowed an additional relaxation of one year for M.Phil. in the maximum duration. In addition, the women candidates may be provided Maternity Leave once in the entire duration of M. Phil. Institute for up to 180 days, and this period will not be counted as course period.


Candidates applying to the Institute as per Provisions mentioned above,  shall apply to the Institute before 3 Months of the expiry of the maximum Duration. Delayed applications will not be entertained under any circumstance.


  1. What  is the fees for the course ?

The   fees for M.Phil course is Rs 9500/-.  The breakup is given below 

Fee Structure


Amount(Rs) for first year

For Subsequent term (six months)

Registration Fee



Admission Fee



Library Fee



Computer/Internet Fee



Tuition Fee



Development Fee



Workshop Fee



Journal Subscription Fee



Alumni Fee



Library Deposit







  • For an academic year the fee structure will be as above

  • The fee for Entrance Test will be Rs, 500/- for candidates from general category and Rs 300/- for candidates from Reserve categories.

  • For Dissertation evaluations & Viva-voce Rs 4000/- will be charged

  • In case of independent Student the fee structure will be same as JRF/SRF/ Teachers/Employed Person. In addition Rs. 2000/- will be charged as Dissertation examination fee

  • The Registration Fee and Tuition Fee shall be charged at five times of the regular students for the foreign students.

  • The extension fees for per six months will be Rs. 1500/-


  1. What is the passing criteria  for the course work?

 M.Phil, scholar has to obtain a minimum of 55% of marks or its equivalent grade in  the UGC 7-point scale (or an equivalent grade ICGPA in a point scale wherever grading system is followed) in the course work in order to be eligible to continue in the programme  and submit the Dissertation.

 4. What is the medium of Instruction for  M.Phil Course?  

The medium of the course work shall be English. The student should write the answers in English.

  1. Will my dissertation go through plagiarism  check?

Yes, the dissertation has to go through plagiarism check  and the researcher has to obtain the certificate in this regard.

  6.  How many articles are required  to be presented for M.Phil degree?

M.Phil scholars shall present at least one (1) research paper in a conference/seminar before the submission of the dissertation for adjudication, and produce evidence for the same in the form of presentation certificates. 


7. When can I submit my dissertation?

Upon satisfactory completion of course work, and obtaining the marks /grade prescribed under these rules, the M. Phil scholar shall be required to undertake research work and produce a draft dissertation within a reasonable time, as stipulated by Institute.

8.What is the procedure of evaluation of my dissertation after submission? 

The external referees shall communicate their willingness or otherwise to evaluate the M.Phil. Dissertation within one month of the receipt of Institute letter. The internal and external referees shall submit their evaluation reports within one month of the receipt of the dissertation in a prescribed Proforma along with a detailed report.

9.When is the viva voce exam conducted? 

The Viva-Voce/ open Defense of the research scholar to defend the dissertation shall be conducted only if the evaluation report(s) of the external examiner(s) on the dissertation is/are satisfactory and include a specific recommendation for conduction of the viva-voce examination. lf the evaluation report of the external examiner in case of M.Phil. dissertation is unsatisfactory, the Institute shall send the dissertation, to another external examiner out of the approved panel of examiners. In such cases, the viva- voce examination shall be held only if the report of the latest examiner is satisfactory. If the report of the latest examiner is also unsatisfactory, the dissertation shall be rejected and the research scholar shall be declared ineligible for the award of the degree

10. What are the prospects after doing M.Phil?

 After doing the M.Phil Course  the Research scholars can pursue the degree of Ph.D. the research scholars can get teaching jobs  also. 


11    Is the progress  of M.Phil research work monitored?

Yes,  the progress report of the research work undertaken has to be presented after every six months before the Research Advisory Committee.

12.  What the standards of passing for M. Phil Programme? 

The assessment of the candidate shall be in Grades on the 7 points scale. The candidate should get at least C grade in every paper in his dissertation and viva voce separately. Over all aggregate grades should be minimum “B” for being eligible for the award of M. Phil degree. The candidate securing D and below D grade has to appear again for the next examination.


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