Research is major focus in the Institute along with the regular teaching assignments. The faculty members are encouraged to write research papers for presentation in National and International seminars.


The Institute publishes a bi-annual interdisciplinary international research journal named, "South Asian Journal of Management Research". Articles are published based on the blind folded review and recommendation of the referees. The Institute bears the cost of publishing the research journal.

Research and Recognition Committee

Institute has a "Research and Recognition Committee". It is headed by the Chairman of the M.Phil programme and has senior faculty member from each department. The committee works to organize the research proposal submission scrutiny / finalization of research titles, allocation of guide and monitoring the pre-submission presentation. It also encourages the faculty members to take-up minor and major research projects. The suggestion of pre-submission presentation and making the final viva-voce in open defense format are the suggestions of the Research and Recognition Committee. This has contributed to remove the lacunas in the research proposal, research projects and make the procedure of research evaluation more open.

Research Publication

Faculty members are involved in publication of their research articles in the reputed National and International Journals. Besides our faculty members are authored books on Commerce, Social Science, Computer science and Social Science. The faculty members are encouraged to attend conferences, Seminars, Workshops at Regional Level, National Level and International Level.


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