Reading Room

Reading room is managed by the student, is kept open for 16 hours a day continuously ever on Sunday. The Reading Room facility is availed by nearly 85-100 students. Inter-library services are also in use between the University Library & the local college libraries. Two books are issued to students for a week and books are issued for a month per teacher for home use. There is a special BOOK BANK facility is provided for students of the Department of Computer Studies & M.B.A. , M.S.W.

User orientation course

The librarian conducts user orientation programme for every academic year, for the benefit of new entrance to educate the students regarding the existence of difference sections, membership procedure, its rules & regulations, its collection & various facilities available for open access.

Xerox Facility

A Xerox machine is installed in the library so as to facilitate the students & faculty to get their reading materials Xeroxed at reasonable competitive rates.

Reference Service

A very good collection of Reference Books is maintained in the library like Encyclopedias, yearbooks, Almanack, manuals, handbooks, & dictionaries & with the help of there reference works, many interesting queries of the students are handled & satisfactory information is provided.

Library Automation:

All the Library activities including Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, Serial Control and Stock Verification is automated by using Libsys software pacakage. The OPAC facilitates searching of various catalogue to retrieve bibliographic details available in the Library database. The Library uses barcode technology for computerized circulation system and stock verification. Every document in the Library bears a barcode and every authorized user has a bar-coded patron card, which in turn, facilitates their identification in the circular process. The Library has developed in house facility for bar coding of books and patron cards. Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC): OPAC helps the user to retrieve the reading material by author, title, subject, classified number & publisher. The OPAC also provides information about the status of the current journals available in the Library.

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