Department of Computer Studies


To educate, build and nurture generations of students for professional excellence and to become the educational Institute of first choice by strengthening beneficial, concrete and lasting relationship with student community and society at large through a process of continuous learning and improvement.


·         The broad objective of MCA programme is to prepare graduate students for productive careers.

·         To develop a comprehensive and advanced knowledge of Software Technology thereby enabling graduates to perform more effectively in the work place as well as to enhance their professional capability.

About MCA Students:

The MCA students are well equipped with state of art techniques to accept challenges posed by IT industry. The MCA curriculum lays sound foundation for their technical and interpersonal skills.  It includes programming skills in dot net, java, php and other programming environments. It also includes databases, mobile computing, operating systems and other core computer science subjects. The course is designed in such way that students have to undergo rigorous training and different activities such as seminars in each semester, project work, industrial visit, industrial seminars. With this students are ready to enter into job market. The Alumni of this department are working in various organizations around the globe. They have proved themselves and are assets of these organizations.

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Expectations from Recruiters

  •              The recruiter is most valuable for us. They may help us in various areas so that the quality of curriculum and employability of students can be improved.
  •               You may help us in arranging workshops for students and faculty.
  •              Your active participation in design of curriculum will be a great help.
  •              An industrial seminar is a part of MCA curriculum. You may help us in arranging Industrial seminars.
  •         The students of MCA are supposed to visit IT companies. Your permission will be great help.
  •             Industrial training for 120 days is must for each student of MCA Sem-VI students. We require Your help in this regard.
  •           The final placement is important activity without your help is not possible.
  • ·           We expect that recruiter should give fair chance to our students to prove themselves.


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