·             Summer jobs are for MBA first year students. These are the jobs informed by companies well in advance. Once the students complete the Trimester-III examinations, student will get opportunity to work in industries, business units and other such organizations. Summer job will be of 50-60 days duration and during the time students are expected to perform the job assigned by the company. These jobs covers all the functional areas of management such as Human Resource Management, Finance, Marketing, Production and Operations Management etc.

·         Purpose of the Summer Job: This gives a unique opportunity to the students to apply the theory they learned as principles of management in the respective field and the actual practice in the organization. Students will definitely gain knowledge from the job.

·         Summer Jobs announcement: Jobs announcement will be made on college website and students should choose the job first come first basis. Once the job is chosen , no change of job is entertained.

·         Reporting: During the course of summer job, all the students are required to report to the respective mentor in institute through e-mail every week and at the same time to the company mentor at the work place.

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